Corporate trainings in hospitality

Aiming at improving the skills of the staff in the field of hotel and restaurant management, Proper Development Ltd. carries out consultations and workshops of the administrative and operative personnel of hotels and restaurants. According to the specifics of each organization, our team will develop a special program, which will be applied on the spot and will help for its better functioning and managing.
Among the services which are offered by the company are:
Development of a business plan that includes:

-Formulation of the mission, the specific objectives and the targets of the organization.</li>
-Development of a product concept.
-Market analysis.
-Competition analysis.
-Development of a marketing plan.
-Planning of the operative activities.
-Organization management.
-Financial forecasting.
-Planning of the project.

Opening of hotel / restaurant outlets that includes</strong>*:

-Categorization of the hotel / the restaurant.
-Obtaining licenses for starting of the activity.
-Creating an organizational structure of the site.
-Education and training of all hotel / restaurant units.
-Setting working standards in the different hotel and restaurant units.
-Structure of the activities.
-Configuration of the hotel and restaurant software and training of the personnel to work with it.
-Preparation of menus and calculations.
-Establishment of a communication system between the departments.
-Establishing a system of management and control of the employees.
-Establishing a quality control system for the offered services.

*The above mentioned services can be provided to already working hotels and restaurants.

Consultations: regarding the categorization and the pre- categorization of hotels and restaurants.

Corporate training that includes practical training for all positions in a hotel:
– Front Office Department: Front Office Manager, Night Manager, Receptionists, Bellboys, PBX Employees, Concierge.
-Housekeeping Department: Housekeeping Manager, Lounge and Floor Chambermaids, Employees in Laundry Department.
-Food and Beverage Department: Food and Beverage Manager, Outlet Managers, Waiters, Bartenders, Chefs, Stewards.
-Marketing and Sales Department: Marketing Manager, Employees in Reservations Department, Marketing Personnel.
-Human Resources Department: Human Resources Manager and Employees in the department.
-Finances and Control Department</strong>: Accountants, Cashiers, Cost Controller.

Continuous monitoring of the activity that includes:
-Periodical vocational training.
-Operational control on the processes and activities of the personnel in each department.
-Operational help for hotel management.
-Development, implementation and calculation of new, seasonal or theme menus in the hotel / restaurant, according to the needs of the assignor.

All trainings and consultation are complied with the standards in the hotel and restaurant outlets and are adapted according to the needs of the assignor.
To meet accurately your needs and to offer you optimal form of assistance, please, contact us on us on tel. +359 888 62 99 43 or [email protected]