Training facilities

The Centre for Vocational Training ‘European Academy for Training and Development’ owns two independent training facilities, located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Training facility ‘Krasna Polyana’



The training facility, located in the district ‘Krasna polyana’, has two lecture halls. The first is designed to conduct theoretical training for the professional courses. It is suitable for 25 persons. The second hall is suitable for meetings and individual theoretical trainings. They have natural lightning and big windows. They are equipped with modern presentation equipment..

Training facility ‘Zapaden Park’

учебна база западен парк

It is located 5 minutes walking distance away from Subway station ‘Vardar’. It has two professionally equipped kitchens for conducting practical trainings in the field of gastronomy. The short-term amateur courses for cooks and bakers, offered by the Center, are also being held there.