Course for Mystery Shoppers for Hotels and Restaurants

In order to carry out a permanent monitoring and analysis of the service quality, the Centre for Vocational Training ‘European Academy for Training and Development’ to Proper Development Ltd. implements the methodology Mystery Shopper for hotels and restaurants. The service is offered within the country as its basic objective is to establish a correlation between the way of service and already established standards in the particular organization.

How does the “Mystery Shopper” service work?
After an interest from the owner or the manager of a hotel or a restaurant entity, a team of specialists goes to the specified outlet within a pre-agreed period as a common clients. During their stay they study the service standards of the personnel and fill prepared in advance questionnaires, in accordance to the specifics of the entity and real working conditions. After their visit, they prepare a detailed report that shows objectively the situation, on which data analysis is done and recommendations for improvement of the service quality are given.
Using the results, the hotel managers can improve the level of service and eliminate the weaknesses of their employees that can be noticed by the clients. It is good ‘mystery shoppers’ visits to be regular. That way the employees will stay motivated as they are not acquainted with the repetition of the visits.

Benefits of the ‘Mystery Shopper’ service

  • comparison between the already built image of the hotel / restaurant and the standards applied;
  • stimulation of the sales;
  • motivation of the personnel;
  • verification of the personnel loyalty;
  • attestation of the personnel;

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